Daniel: Just A Little Off The Top
Justin SweeneyLast Sunday
Daniel: Weak In The Knees
Justin Sweeney4/7/2024
Who Is It You Are Looking For?
Justin Sweeney3/31/2024
Daniel: Stand Out
Justin Sweeney3/17/2024
Pre-Decide: Be Hungry
Justin Sweeney3/10/2024
Pre-Decide: Be Weird.
Justin Sweeney3/3/2024
Pre-Decide: Magnify
Justin Sweeney2/25/2024
Pre-Decide: Making Up Rules
Justin Sweeney2/18/2024
Pre-Decide: TickTock
Justin Sweeney2/11/2024
Pre-Decide: Game Changer
Justin Sweeney2/4/2024
Purpose In The Pouring
Justin Sweeney1/28/2024
Pre-Decide: Life or Death
Justin Sweeney1/21/2024
Set Apart w/ Pastor Tom Tamarro
Tom Tammaro10/22/2023
The God Who Stays w/ Pastor Tom Tamarro
Tom Tammaro9/3/2023
The Finished Work of the Cross
Tom Tammaro7/17/2023
On Mission w/ Pastor Tom
Tom Tammaro5/7/2023
The Table w/ Pastor Tom
Tom Tammaro1/22/2023
The Table w/ Pastor Tom
Tom Tammaro1/22/2023
Fully Charged w/ Pastor Tom
Tom Tammaro10/30/2022
The Priority of His Presence w/ Pastor Tom
Tom Tammaro10/2/2022
Going Low
Tom Tammaro7/31/2022
The Promise of the Father
Tom Tammaro6/5/2022
Becoming Useful
Tom Tammaro3/27/2022
Judah Shall Plow
Tom Tammaro1/30/2022
Bear Fruit: Add To Your Faith w/ Pastor Trevor Nataluk
Trevor Nataluk11/26/2023
The Table of the Lord w/ Pastor Trevor Nataluk
Trevor Nataluk10/29/2023
A Holy Knowing w/ Pastor Trevor Nataluk
Trevor Nataluk10/1/2023
Living Stones w/ Pastor Trevor Nataluk
Trevor Nataluk8/6/2023
Prepared For Mission w/ Pastor Trevor
Trevor Nataluk4/16/2023
Navigating Our Spiritual Journey
Trevor Nataluk1/1/2023
Still I Will Follow
Trevor Nataluk8/14/2022
I Am Alone, Right?
Trevor Nataluk4/24/2022
The Future Of Our Past
Jeff Tarbox7/28/2019
What are we doing here?
Jeff Tarbox6/30/2019
Direction or Drift
Jeff Tarbox1/6/2019
The Best Laid Plans
Jeff Tarbox12/30/2018
When the Heat is On
Jeff Tarbox9/2/2018
Pastor Tom Demaree - Part 1
Tom Demaree11/1/2020
Pastor Tom Demaree - Part 2
Tom Demaree11/1/2020